7 inch mocha coffee canister
Airscape Stainless Steele Cannisters - The Bay View Coffee Farm in Kona, Hawaii 4 inch brushed steel coffee canister 7 inch mocha coffee canister 7 inch brushed steel coffee canister 4 inch red coffee canister 7 inch red coffee canister
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Airscape Stainless Steele Cannisters

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Preserve your fresh 100% Kona Coffee beans or Tea with Airscape's Stainless Steel Coffee Container. these containers come with dual seals to ensure that minimal air comes in contact with your coffee. The top lid screens against outside air coming in to the container, and the second seal creates a vacuum effect and is manually pushed down over the beans to expel all of the excess air that would otherwise linger in the container. This technology is unique to the market, sporting a patent-pending valve designed to remove air from the container as the inner lid is pushed down. With customizable options ranging from color and size.